Crane Jib Forklift | N618

A safe, stable and long reaching telescopic Crane Jib for forklifts. Max load capacity 2000kg.

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The Crane Jib offers safe and stable lifting with long reach

A telescopic Crane Jib for mounting on a forklifts fork arms. Secured with pin behind fork arm heel. Length from 1680mm to 3000mm with several options in between.

 Length (min/max) Max load Model Hook type Weight
 1680-3000 mm  2000-500 kg* 2-parts BKL-10 130 kg

The fork pockets (cc 500mm) are adapted for fork arms 100×40, 125×50 or 150×60 as standard. Note that the Crane Jib for forklifts may not be used on any other type of machine, for example wheel loaders, telescopic handlers or tractors.

*Maximum load capacity stated above is the crane jibs calculated and tested abrasion resistance for maximum load capacity. The capacity can in some machine configurations be lower due to the machines capacity and construction. We therefore strongly recommend that the user contacts an audited testing company for an inspection of crane jib and machine together.