Snow Plough Forklift | N630-631

An effective and durable snow plough for forklifts with capacity 2-5 tons. Available with mechanical or hydraulic positioning of the blade, width 2000-2500mm.

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Swedish steel that lasts a long time

A quality snow plough for use on forklifts capacity of 2-5 tons. Manufactured of extra high grade steel with a design that puts most pressure on the forklift mast. Adjustable between left, right and straight positioning of the blade, mechanical or hydraulic. Spring loaded blade, bolted cutting edge (easy to change) and two wear plates for durability. Other widths can be supplied on request.

Width Model Height blade Rotation Weight
2000 mm Mechanical 600 mm 30° right/left 205 kg
2200 mm Mechanical 600 mm 30° right/left 215 kg
2200 mm Hydraulic* 600 mm 30° right/left 230 kg
2500 mm Mechanical 600 mm 30° right/left 225 kg
2500 mm Hydraulic* 600 mm 30° right/left 240 kg

*Delivered excl. hydraulic couplings and hoses.

Fork pockets are adapted for max fork arm dimension 160x80mm as standard. Other sizes on request.

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Machine weight 18-29 ton