Easy and smooth emptying of crates

A user friendly and smart Crate Turner, exemplary when emptying for example potato crates. Easily mounted on the machines fork arms and secured with a pin behind the fork arm heel. When the crate turner has been attached to the hydraulics, it turns forward in a smooth motion and empties the crate. As well as standard models the crate turner is also available according to customer’s request.

Model Width Length (lifting surface) Max fork arm dimension Capacity Weight
EPK-6 720 mm 1130 mm 125x50x1200 mm 700 kg 150 kg
EPK-10 720 mm 1230 mm 125x50x1200 mm 1000 kg 160 kg
EPK-12 1050 mm 1230 mm 125x50x1200 mm 1000 kg 200 kg

Model EPK-6 and 10 have cylinders placed on the inside for the fork pockets while the EPK-12 has the cylinders placed on the outside.