Crane Jib Hydraulic | N338

Strong and safe hydraulic Crane Jibs for wheel loaders, lengths 3300-7450mm.


A hydraulic crane jib for safe and steady lifting with wheel loader

Telescopic Crane Jibs for small and large wheel loaders and telescopic handlers. Different lengths depending on machine capacity as well as desired reach. Available with one or two telescopic booms, only first part is hydraulic.

Length Max load* Model Hook type Weight
2000-3300 mm 1900-1150 kg 2-parts BKL-10 270 kg
1950-4600 mm 6150-1380 kg 3-parts** BKL-13 410 kg
3050-7450 mm 4200-875 kg 3-parts** BKL-13 530 kg

As standard delivered with Volvo BM couplings (L70). Other original couplings can in some cases be mounted directly on the product, for example Manitou, Merlo, JCB, Atlas, Terex. For more information contact Norje.

**Only first part is hydraulic, last part is mechanical.

*Maximum load capacity stated above is the crane jibs calculated and tested abrasion resistance for maximum load capacity. The capacity can in some machine configurations be lower due to the machines capacity and construction. We therefore strongly recommend that the user contacts an audited testing company for an inspection of crane jib and machine together.

Norje Smidesfabrik is liable to produce information on load capacity taking into account both the machine and the crane jib. We will supply this document together with information to put on the crane jib and in the machine for all crane jibs we produce, under the condition that we can get a hold of information on the machine to make calculations. If this is not possible we may have to decline the order. Therefore, please always contact Norje with information about the machine.

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Machine weight 18-29 ton, Machine weight 2-6 ton, Machine weight 6-18 ton