Adjustment Girder

An effective implement that uses the machines full potential when adjusting gravel roads, football fields, industrial floor etc. Easy to transport and higher utilization rate of the machine.

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Through its effective design the Adjustment Girder does the job in shorter time with better results

The Adjustment Girder is an implement for effective ground levelling using a wheel loader. The girder is available in width 1800-2200mm for smaller wheel loaders and 2880-4700mm for larger machines. Options include integrated hydraulic tilt, hydraulic side wings and front grinder. Patented design (no 001694167-0001).

Width Depth Weight (excl. options) Rec. max machine weight
1800 mm 1800 mm 640 kg < 10 ton
2000 mm 1800 mm 660 kg < 10 ton
2200 mm 1800 mm 680 kg < 10 ton
2880 mm 2380 mm 1560 kg < 18 ton
3600 mm 2380 mm 1700 kg < 18 ton
4700 mm 2380 mm 1920 kg < 18 ton

The implement is unique and innovative within earth planning using wheel loaders. Areas of use are among others fine adjustment for asphalt and industrial floors, gravel areas, football fields and earth planning. Through its brilliant but simple construction the Adjustment Girder does the job in shorter time, with higher accuracy and with better result than most  methods available today. The Adjustment Girder is easy to transport and can in many cases replace a grader or a bucket which many use today. By adding a front grinder, an implement tilt, side wings and laser equipment you can adapt the areas as intended with a near perfect result.

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Machine weight 6-18 ton