Big Bag Lifter Forklift | N609

Strong and functional Big Bag Lifter for forklifts. Telescopic arm for long reach and easy to mount and secure on fork arms.

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Functional handling of big bags with forklift

The Big Bag Lifter for forklifts is easy to use wen handling big bags with a forklift. The large hook is somewhat tilted on the single arm model, which makes it more visible for the driver and easier to get into the big bags loop. Available with one or two telescopic lifting arms.

Width No. of arms CC fork pockets Height, ground to hook Length pockets Max load Weight
800 mm 1 (single) 625 mm 750-1150 mm 900 mm 1500 kg 115 kg
1000 mm 2 (double) 830 mm 750-1150 mm 900 mm 1500 kg/arm 155 kg

Fork pockets are adapted for fork arms dim. 150x60mm as standard, other dimensions on request.