Stone Lever Fork | N321-322

The Stone Lever Fork is for bending up larger stones or stubs. Very sturdy, can handle great strain and high pressure.

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Great strain and high pressure

The Stone Lever Fork has been designed to handle great strain and high pressure. The sturdy frame and tines make it excellent for bending up stones and stubs. The inner tines are 50mm lower than the tines on the outside to make it easier to carry stones.

Width Depth No. of tines Force Weight
1150 mm 800 mm 4 5000 kg 270-290 kg
1150 mm 800 mm 4 9000 kg 450 kg

Model 5000kg bending force is delivered with SMS (Trima), Euro or Volvo BM (L70) couplings, model 9000kg bending force with Volvo BM (L70) coupling. Other original couplings can in some cases be mounted directly on the product, for example Manitou, Merlo, JCB, Atlas, Terex. For more information contact Norje.

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Machine weight 2-6 ton, Machine weight 6-18 ton