Fork Arms

Premium fork arms for tough handling. Capacity from 2000kg to 17500kg, adapted for Norje hydraulic and mechanical pallet fork frames.


Quality that makes a difference

All forks are fully heat treated and manufactured out of high quality steel and are supplied by one of Europe’s largest fork arm manufacturers, Vetter GmbH in Germany. Stamped and approved according to ISO 2328 and ISO 2330. Fork arms are available in many more sections on request.

Capacity Dimension Weight/pair Adapted for pallet fork frame
 2000 kg / LC500 80x40x1000 mm 74 kg N140, N240
 2500 kg / LC500 100x40x1200 mm 105 kg N140
 2500 kg / LC500 100x40x1200 mm 120 kg N150 (ingår)
 4500 kg / LC500 100x50x1200 mm 155 kg N350 (ingår)
 4500 kg / LC500 100x50x1400 mm 170 kg N350
 4500 kg / LC500 100x50x1600 mm 185 kg N350
 4500 kg / LC500 125x45x1200 mm 150 kg N341
 4500 kg / LC500 125x45x1400 mm 165 kg N341
 5700 kg / LC500 125x50x1200 mm 210 kg N342, N351
 5700 kg / LC500 125x50x1450 mm 230 kg N342, N351
 5700 kg / LC500 125x50x1600 mm 250 kg N342, N351
 5700 kg / LC500 125x50x2000 mm 300 kg N342, N351
 9900 kg / LC500 150x60x1200 mm 300 kg N343, N352, N355
 9900 kg / LC500 150x60x1450 mm 330 kg N343, N352, N355
 9900 kg / LC500 150x60x1600 mm 350 kg N343, N352, N355
 9900 kg / LC500 150x60x2000 mm 400 kg N343, N352, N355
 13500 kg / LC600 180x70x1600 mm 520 kg N353
 13500 kg / LC600 180x70x2000 mm 600 kg N353
 13500 kg / LC600 180x70x2400 mm 680 kg N353
 17500 kg / LC600 180x80x1600 mm 585 kg N353
 17500 kg / LC600 180x80x2000 mm 685 kg N353
 17500 kg / LC600 180x80x2400 mm 765 kg N353

Cranked fork arms

Some of Norje pallet fork frames can be supplied with cranked fork arms (Cap. 5 and 9 tons). The fork arms are cranked 50 mm per fork, which creates a better view of the fork tip between the fork arm shanks. This increases the visibility for the driver and improves control of the fork arms when handling goods.

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