Silage Grab | N265

A multi-functional implement for compact loaders for handling for example silage.

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A strong Silage Grab for smaller compact loaders

A strong and multi-functional implement for smaller compact loaders. All spears in the bottom and upper part are mounted steady in conical casings to keep them steady.

Width Depth Height No. of spears (bottom) No. of spears (grab) Length spears (bottom/grab) Weight
900 mm 720 mm 750 mm 5 (cc 200 mm) 4 680 mm / 600 mm 140 kg
1100 mm 720 mm 750 mm 5 (cc 250 mm) 4 680 mm / 600 mm 150 kg

Optional couplings include among others Avant, Kramer 180, Giant, JD compact. Norje stipulates the right to decide what machines the compact implements are meant for. For more information contact us.

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Machine weight <2 ton