Big Bag Lifter | N309

A functional Big Bag Lifter for wheel loaders with 1-4 telescopic lifting arms.

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A functional implement for handling big bags with wheel loader

A very functional implement for handling big bags with a wheel loader. The Big Bag Lifter is equipped with a large hook(s), easy to get in the bags loops. Centered hooks are a little tilted, which increases visibility for the driver. Equipped with bag supporters on each side to hold bags in place, and makes it easy to place on the ground, and a telescopic arm. Available with one, two or three lifting arms.

Width * No. of arms Model Capacity Weight
1400 mm 1 Single 1500 kg 125 kg
1950 mm 2 (cc 850 mm) Double 1500 kg/arm 190 kg
2400 mm 3 (cc 850 mm) Tripple 1500 kg/arm 240 kg
3200 mm 4 (cc 850 mm) 4 arms 1500 kg/arm 380 kg

*Width between bag supports.

As standard delivered with Volvo BM couplings (L70). Other original couplings can in some cases be mounted directly on the product, for example Manitou, Merlo, JCB, Atlas, Terex. For more information contact Norje.

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Machine weight 6-18 ton