Container Jib | N390

A strong Container Jib for wheel loaders, for switching containers with a max gross weight of 15 tons

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For easy switching of containers with wheel loader

The hook is specially developed for being able to pull around 90 degree corners. Max speed 5 km/h and max lift height is 200 mm when switching. Note that the Container Jib is designed for switching, not for lifting as the Crane Jib.

Width Max gross weight Weight
1200 mm 15 tons 140 kg

The Container Jib is for switching containers, not for lifting.

As standard delivered with Volvo BM couplings (L70). Other original couplings can in some cases be mounted directly on the product, for example Manitou, Merlo, JCB, Atlas, Terex. For more information contact Norje.

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Machine weight 6-18 ton