Gravel Bucket | N304

The Gravel Bucket is a very strong and durable bucket with a volume adapted for heavy materials.

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Strength and maximum filling ability

The Gravel Bucket has a design which makes it easy to push into materials and therefore fill the bucket to a maximum. The bucket has reinforcements on the sides and underneath to manage heavy handling. A protection is mounted above the attachments, to protect the cylinders on the wheel loader from gravel falling down. All models can be equipped with bolted saving edges.

Width Depth Height Volume Weight
2300 mm 850 mm 970 mm 1300 liter 550 kg
2500 mm 920 mm 1000 mm 1650 liter 640 kg
2600 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm 1850 liter 680 kg
2650 mm * 1160 mm 1180 mm 2500 liter 1100 kg
2880 mm * 1290 mm 1250 mm 2900 liter 1330 kg

* Model has a straight rear, see pictures.

As standard delivered with Volvo BM couplings (L70). Other original couplings can in some cases be mounted directly on the product, for example Manitou, Merlo, JCB, Atlas, Terex. For more information contact Norje.

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Machine weight 6-18 ton