Concrete & Refilling Bucket | N115

The Concrete & Refilling Bucket is designed with a long bottom and a narrow front, which makes it ideal to handle large volumes, more precise tipping and a long reach.

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Long reach. Precise tipping. Large volume.

The Concrete & Refilling Bucket is different from other models by being narrowed in the front. Together with its great volume and its long bottom it is suitable for work that demands that the machine is working on a longer distance from the tipping area and materials can also be placed with greater accuracy. Manufactured of high grade steel (yield strength 650 N/mm2).

Width Depth Height Weight
1200 mm 2000 mm 550 mm 300 kg
500 mm (front) 250 mm (front)

As standard delivered with SMS (Trima), Euro or Ålö Type 3 couplings/suspension. Other original couplings can be mounted directly on the product, for example Zettelmeyer 402 (L20-L25), Zettelmeyer 602 (L30), Manitou, Merlo, Atlas, Kramer, Terex etc. For more information contact Norje.

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Machine weight 2-6 ton