Lifting implements

Forklift Yoke | N694

The Forklift Yoke is easily mounted on the forklifts fork arms. By securing a bolt against the fork arm the yoke can be placed at desired distance on the fork arm. Max load capacity 5000kg.

Crane Jib Forklift | N618

A safe, stable and long reaching telescopic Crane Jib for forklifts. Max load capacity 2000kg.

Big Bag Lifter Forklift | N609

Strong and functional Big Bag Lifter for forklifts. Telescopic arm for long reach and easy to mount and secure on fork arms.

Pallet Fork Mechanical | N240

A dependable and sturdy pallet fork for compact loaders. Max load capacity 1600kg.

Pallet Fork Mechanical | N341-343

Strong and robust mechanical Pallet Forks for wheel loaders and telescopic handlers. Max load capacity 4 to 9 tons.

Pallet Fork Hydraulic | N350-355

Robust and strong hydraulic Pallet Forks for wheel loaders and telescopic handlers. Max load capacity 4 to 18 tons.

Big Bag Lifter | N309

A functional Big Bag Lifter for wheel loaders with 1-4 telescopic lifting arms.

Crane Jib Hydraulic | N338

Strong and safe hydraulic Crane Jibs for wheel loaders, lengths 3300-7450mm.

Crane Jib Mechanical | N316-318

Strong and safe mechanical Crane Jibs for wheel loaders, lengths 1000-7450mm.

Container Jib | N390

A strong Container Jib for wheel loaders, for switching containers with a max gross weight of 15 tons.

Crate Turner EPK

A smooth, smart and user friendly hydraulic Crate Turner that turns forward in a smooth motion. Easy to mount on fork arms on forklifts, tractors and wheel loaders. The Crate Turner can be adapted for different types of crates, there is also a special model for emptying waste bins available.

Log Grab Attachment | N108

The Log Grab Attachment, for use on Norje mechanical pallet fork model N140 (2500kg), is an excellent option for holding logs and brushwood in place.

Big Bag Lifter | N109

Big Bag Lifter for smooth handling of one or two big bags. Telescopic lifting arm, max load 1500kg/arm.

Extension Forks

Extension Forks with capacity from 1500kg up to 25000kg, manufactured out of extra high grade steel which allows for a lower weight and slimmer models.

Fork Arms

Premium fork arms for tough handling. Capacity from 2000kg to 17500kg, adapted for Norje hydraulic and mechanical pallet fork frames.

Pallet Fork Mechanical | N140

A dependable and sturdy pallet fork frame. Max load 2500kg.

Pallet Fork Hydraulic | N150

A high quality hydraulic pallet fork that simplifies work for the driver when handling pallets. Max load 2500kg.