Universal Bucket | N202

A strong bucket for all purposes with adapted volume for smaller compact loaders (machine weight < 2 tons). Available in width 1020mm (230 liters) and 1290mm (300liters) with original suspensions for most compact loaders on the market.

Snow Bucket Forklift | N632-633

A Snow Bucket with mechanical or hydraulic tipping function designed for forklifts with 2-5 tons capacity.

Leveller Bucket | N203

A durable Leveller Bucket for smaller compact loaders, machine weight <2 tons.

Concrete & Refilling Bucket | N315

The Concrete & Refilling Bucket is a strong and robust bucket with a large volume. The long bottom is excellent when work demands long reach and high precision.

Grab Bucket | N397

The Grab Bucket is specially designed for handling waste and recycling materials. Due to the grabbing arm the bucket can hold materials in place and carry larger volumes. Available with volume 3,0 or 4,2 m³.

High Tipping Bucket | N395

The High Tipping Bucket is a light material bucket with a hydralic forward tipping function, for grains, chippings and other light materials. Equipped with one centered cylinder. Available in volumes 3,0 or 4,2 m³.

Fork Bucket | N392-396

The Fork Bucket is a special model manufactured in many different designs depending on request. The bucket is often used for screening stone in different sizes from other materials. Standard assortment also available.

Snow Bucket | N319

The Snow Bucket has a basic design and handles relatively large volumes. Good for handling lighter materials, for example snow, with a mid-size wheel loader or telescopic handler.

Grain Bucket | N308

The Grain Bucket is a more basic bucket with a relatively large volume, especially for grains and other lighter materials.

Container Bucket | N388

The Container Bucket is a light material bucket for wheel loaders with a large volume for transport of waste.

Leveller Bucket | N303

Leveller Bucket model 303 is a very robust and strong bucket for wheel loaders when levelling materials. With a long bottom and low back the drives has clear visibility of the front edge.

Gravel Bucket | N304

The Gravel Bucket is a very strong and durable bucket with a volume adapted for heavy materials.

Light Material Bucket | N301

The Light Material Bucket is a strong volume bucket for lighter materials. For mid-size and bigger wheel loaders and telescopic handlers.

Concrete & Refilling Bucket | N115

The Concrete & Refilling Bucket is designed with a long bottom and a narrow front, which makes it ideal to handle large volumes, more precise tipping and a long reach.

Sweden Bucket | N105

The Sweden Bucket is a heavy and strong bucket with a large volume. Suitable for machine weight <9 tons.

Gravel Bucket | N104

A tough Gravel Bucket for different machines <9 tons. Strong cutting edges, reinforcements and adapted volumes for handling gravel.

Leveller Bucket | N103

The Leveller Bucket is a strong, durable and tough bucket. The bucket is wide and low which gives the driver excellent visibility of the cutting edge.

Universal Bucket | N102

The Universal Bucket is a strong and durable volume bucket for all purposes. Heavy cutting edge and several reinforcements.

Light Material Bucket | N101

The Light Material Bucket handles relatively large volumes and is suitable for lighter materials, such as grains, chipping and snow.