Extension Forks

Extension Forks with capacity from 1500kg up to 25000kg, manufactured out of extra high grade steel which allows for a lower weight and slimmer models.

Compact loader Forklift Telescopic handler Telescopic handler <6 tons Tractor Wheel loader Wheel loader <6 tons Machine weight >18-29 tons Machine weight >2-6 tons Machine weight >6-18 tons Machine weight <2 tons Forklift implements Lifting implements

Extension Forks made out of extra high grade steel for more strength and increased safety

Extension Forks manufactured out of extra high grade steel (Strenx 650, yield strength 650N/mm2), for highest possible strength which guarantees safe handling of goods. The extension forks are manufactured according to customer’s request when it comes to lengths and fitting of the forks arms. Available with different types of locking, open or closed versions. Special models are made for forklift stackers as well as extra slim models for handling low pallets.

Capacity/pair Exemple – adapted for fork arm Lengths Locking alternatives
1500 kg (staplare) Från 1200 till 2500 mm 43 (Special)
2500 kg 80×40, 100×40, 120×40, 125×45 Från 1200 till 3500 mm 41, 42, 45
4000 kg 120×40, 125×45, 100×50, 125×50 Från 1200 till 3500 mm 42
5000 kg 125×45, 100×50, 125×50, 150×50 Från 1200 till 4000 mm 41, 45
7000 kg 150×50, 150×60 Från 1200 till 4000 mm 41, 42, 45
10000 kg 180×60, 200×60, 150×70 Från 1200 till 5000 mm 41, 45
15000 kg 180×70, 200×60, 200×70 Från 1200 till 5000 mm 41, 45
25000 kg 250×100 Från 1200 till 5000 mm 41

All extension forks are CE stamped and manufactured according to the Machine Directive.

Locking model 41 (closed version with locking pin) is recommended for all tractors, wheel loaders and telescopic handlers. Forklifts can use all models as long as there is space behind the fork arm heel for locking, check your machine. please contact us if you have any questions.


  • Quick lock system (only recommended for forklifts)

Why people choose Norje



High quality gives profitability over time


Our products contribute to rationalize our customers work in agriculture, contracting and industry. By offering products of high quality we give our customers higher value through availability, durability and utilization rate.



Raw material to finished product


From Norje you always get the best. We are proud to manufacture in Sweden, have CE-approved implements, raw material of high quality and an environmental thinking runs through the company. After more than 70 years in the business we have a large inventory of parts and know the importance of fast deliveries.


Inhouse manufacturing gives great opportunities


Inhouse manufacturing gives high flexibility to adapt products according to customer's request. By using our standard models we can easily offer completely unique products for our customers. At Norje adapting for customers is standard! Today we can offer more than 80 different couplings/suspensions directly mounted on the implement.

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